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IV Nutrient Therapy is used to help treat or improve conditions related to nutrient deficiency, autoimmune conditions, chronic illness and short-term illnesses such as the common cold and flu. Some patients have difficulty orally receiving the nutrients and hydration their bodies so desperately needs. This can be because of a number of reasons, including poor digestion, loss of nutrients during the digestive process and slower metabolic functions. IV therapy can provide the nutrients and hydration necessary to put you on the road to recovery.

The specialists featured on this directory can help you obtain the nutrients you need to treat a wide number of conditions through the powerful vitamins and supplements used in IV Nutrient Therapy. Select the conditions below to learn more about how IV Nutrient Therapy can benefit you, and then call an IV Nutrient Therapy specialist near you to get started on an IV Therapy protocol.


People that suffer from asthma often endure spasms in their airways that can constrict oxygen flow. These spasms are often brought on by allergens or allergic reactions. Nutrients in IV Therapy can improve immune function to reduce the body’s inflammatory response to allergens, allowing men and women with asthma to have fewer attacks, improved immune function and reduced bronchial inflammation.


Vast numbers of people suffer with migraines on a frequent basis, which are often brought on by stress, fatigue, certain foods or MSG. The vitamins, minerals and nutrients in IV Therapy can help the body to better cope with the physiological effects of stress and restore important minerals that are lost with the body’s response to stress. Supplementing the body with important anti-oxidants can reduce inflammation and help blood to flow, reducing the frequency of migraines. An IV Therapy specialist can help patients determine which nutrients are best suited for their unique migraine condition.


Fast-paced lifestyles, poor diets, lack of sleep and mental or physical overwork are all factors in general fatigue. Many B vitamins that are offered in IV Therapy can help men and women to boost their energy levels throughout the day. While many foods contain B vitamins, the potency of these vitamins is often lost during the digestive process; however, IV Therapy injects the vitamins directly into the bloodstream, allowing them to be immediately used. An IV Therapy specialist can help patients to increase their general energy levels with specialized nutrient prescriptions.

Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome

High stress levels for an extended period of time often lead to Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome, or tired adrenal glands. People with Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome commonly suffer from constant mental and physical fatigue, insomnia, cravings for salty foods, intolerance to stress and difficulty getting out of bed in the morning. Nutrients such as B Vitamins, high dosages of vitamin C and Meyer’s Cocktail can often help to restore adrenal gland function and improve the symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome.


While fibromyalgia can occur in men, it mostly occurs in women over the age of 50. Symptoms such as widespread muscular pain, mental fogginess, tender points, fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome and depression can all occur with fibromyalgia. People that suffer with fibromyalgia often experience a greatly reduced quality of life. The nutrients in IV Therapy, such as glutathione, Alpha Lipoic Acid and vitamin C can all help to reduce the inflammatory effects and symptoms of fibromyalgia.


Nutrient deficits and toxicity can accompany and lead to depression and poor moods in general. Glutathione, which is known to be a master detoxifier, can help to reduce the buildup of toxins and help to improve overall moods. Vitamin C and B vitamins can also improve moods and help to reduce depression. An IV Therapy specialist can help patients with depression determine which nutrients should be a part of their IV Therapy prescription in order to improve their specific condition.


A night of excessive drinking can lead to withdrawals the next day and symptoms that include a headache, drowsiness, sweating, nausea, poor concentration, dizziness and anxiety. When a high level of alcohol is ingested, the byproducts can often increase toxicity in the liver, even after the symptoms of the hangover have faded away. Generally, it takes around 21 days for the cells of the liver to heal from one night of excessive drinking; however, many people may drink more frequently than every 21 days, leading to increased hepatic toxicity.

IV Therapy prescriptions that contain glutathione can help to flush out toxins from the liver and the bloodstream. Other nutrients can help the body to heal from repeated alcohol ingestion and replenish nutrients that are lost due to heavy drinking. IV Therapy cocktails that contain B Vitamins, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C can help men and women improve their general health. An IV Therapy specialist can help patients decide which nutrients are best for their individual lifestyle habits and personal health goals.

Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease is one of the most preventable diseases, yet it is the one of the greatest health risks in the United States. Avoiding foods high in unhealthy fats, too much meat and getting healthy amounts of exercise can help prevent the development of cardiovascular disease. Healthy amounts of nutrients can also help to flush out unwanted lipids and maintain healthy heart function. An IV Therapy specialist can help patients decide which combination of nutrients can best benefit their specific cardiovascular needs.

Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

Many people suffer from colds or upper respiratory tract infections once or twice per year when the weather changes or if they do not wear enough clothes outside. However, some people get upper respiratory tract infections several times per year, despite taking measures to maintain good health. Nutrients in IV Therapy can help to boost immune function and prevent the recurrence of upper respiratory tract infections. Vitamin B12, in particular, is known to boost immunity and prevent seasonal illnesses, such as colds or the flu.


Increased inflammation in the body’s endocrine system can increase allergic responses. IV Therapy nutrient prescriptions that include glutathione, B Vitamins, magnesium and Vitamin C can help the body’s immune system to function better and potentially decrease allergic reactions. Many patients that have participated in IV Therapy have been able to reduce allergic reactions to foods, animals, dust and pollen.

Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis occurs when the immune system overreacts to allergens in the air. Many people experience sneezing, itchy eyes and a runny or stuffy nose. This can happen with seasonal changes, but it is most common during the springtime. IV Therapy can supplement the immune system and reduce the severity of allergic rhinitis. An IV Therapy doctor can help patients to determine what combination of nutrients will best suit their specific needs.

Narcotic Withdrawal

Narcotics cause incredible damage to the nervous and endocrine system, while causing imbalances in different parts of the brain and with neurotransmitters. They also cause toxicity when accumulated in the liver and the bloodstream. IV Therapy can use specialized nutrients, such as glutathione, to rid the body of harmful toxins that are leftover from narcotic use. Specialized prescriptions, such as Meyer’s cocktail can also replenish nutrients that were eaten up in the body’s attempts to maintain homeostasis during drug use. An IV Therapy specialist can help patients to regain their health and get through the aftermath of narcotic use with specialized protocols.

Chronic Urticaria

Stress, endocrine imbalances, and allergic reactions are often responsible for chronic urticarial reactions. Hives or urticarial outbreaks can be helped with nutrients that help the immune system and quell inflammation. B vitamins, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C and glutathione can all help to improve immune function and reduce inflammation. An IV Therapy specialist can best help patients determine which nutrient combination will improve their chronic hives.


An excessive production of thyroid hormone can lead to hyperthyroidism, which often presents with symptoms that include panic attacks, anxiety, an increased heart rate, weight loss, insomnia and increased bowel movements. Medication is often used to help balance the production of thyroid hormone; however, IV Therapy can benefit the body’s overall health in order to improve the consequences of hyperthyroidism. Vitamins, nutrients and minerals that benefit the endocrine system can be added to IV Therapy prescriptions.

Acute Muscle Spasm

Muscle spasms are often painful constrictions in the blood vessels, and through increased vitamin intake, the nourishment of muscles that have a tendency to spasm can be improved. When the blood is nourished with nutrients, it can nourish muscles and tissues as well, which may reduce muscle spasms. An IV Therapy doctor can create a combination of nutrients that will reduce acute muscle spasms.

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a dangerous blood-borne virus that can have devastating consequences for the liver, as it often leads to cirrhosis. While the body tries to fight this virus, over 65% of people with Hepatitis C will have chronic hepatitis. Over time, the body’s attempt to fight the virus wears down immune function, and the byproducts of the virus can cause toxins to accumulate. A specialized IV Therapy concoction, such as Myer’s Cocktail can help to restore immune function and rid the body of viral toxins.


IV Therapy can help patients that are fighting cancer or struggling with the effects of chemotherapy. Myer’s Cocktail and increased dosages of Vitamin C can help patients improve the functioning of their immune system, which may increase their chances of surviving cancer. An IV Therapy specialist can develop specialized vitamin, mineral and nutrient protocols that can help patients to overcome the consequences of cancer or chemotherapy.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

While physicians are unsure of the exact cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, many will agree that healthy levels of vitamins and nutrients can improve the uncomfortable symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Men and women that suffer from Chronic Fatigue often encounter symptoms such as ongoing exhaust, swollen lymph nodes, memory loss, sore throat and muscle pain. Customized IV Therapy plans can boost energy and immune function, while improving general health.

Macular Degeneration

Aging, diabetes and poor nutrition are all factors that can contribute to macular degeneration. Boosting nutritional levels with IV Therapy can help to improve eyesight and slow down or reverse macular degeneration. Vitamins such as Vitamin A, B Vitamins and Vitamin C can all benefit eyesight. An IV Therapy specialist can provide patients with customized nutritional plans that will help their eyesight.

High Blood Pressure

Millions of people suffer from hypertension, which increases the risk for developing heart disease. Blood pressure can be regulated with medication, but it can also be improved with regular exercise, a healthy diet and an increased level of nutrients. IV Therapy protocols can help men and women to attain healthy nutrient levels, while decreasing blood pressure.

Gluten Sensitivity & Celiac Disease

Gluten intolerance, which is sometimes known as Celiac Disease, occurs when gluten inflames the intestines, causing diarrhea, bleeding, abdominal pain, gas and bloating. Many people are afflicted with this disorder, and they can greatly benefit from nutrients that reduce inflammation and allergic reactions. Nutrients such as glutathione, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C can help men and women with gluten intolerance to reduce intestinal inflammation caused from the intake of gluten.

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a neurotransmitter disorder that occurs when the part of the brain that produces dopamine degenerates. Symptoms of Parkinson’s can include tremors, pill rolling, a shuffling gait, and a lack of facial expressions IV Therapy can help men and women that are suffering from Parkinson’s to potentially improve some of the symptoms and their general health.


There are many levels of dehydration, which can range from life threatening to day-to-day dehydration. Many people do not drink enough water on a daily basis because they get too busy, forget, or do not like to drink water. Hydration in the body helps the kidneys to function and flush out waste, while eliminating sodium and maintaining electrolyte balance. IV Therapy can help men and women to regain hydration, eliminate toxins and benefit their kidneys.

Personalized IV Therapy Just For You

An IV Therapy specialist can use customized vitamin, mineral and nutrient plans to help you improve existing medical conditions and benefit your overall health. Patients that use IV Therapy can obtain a multitude of health benefits, including more energy, vitality and well-being. Our IV Therapy Doctors offers personalized plans that suit individual needs and preferences.