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Optimize your health with experts who care and protocols that work.

The traditional healthcare system is set up to keep people sick. Doctors have to sell prescriptions and refuse to listen to what their patients need. Our integrative wellness experts listen to our clients and tailor their treatments and regimens to fit their exact needs. By giving your body what it is asking for, you can stay healthy year-round and enjoy an optimized lifestyle.

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Your Path to Optimal Health

Each program is designed around your needs and adheres to five foundational pillars.

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Initital Consult

Duration is 90 minutes


  • Initial Consultation and Exam
  • Functional & Lab Testing
  • Tailor-Made Lifestyle Protocols
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Follow up Appointments

Duration is 45 minutes



  • Lab Analysis
  • Ongoing Support
  • Tailor-Made Treatment Plans
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People believe it's normal to feel run-down and half-sick all the time. It's not. Follow these steps so you can feel and be healthy every day, at all times.

1. Schedule Your Consultation

Our doctors will spend an hour with you, listening carefully to your health history, current symptoms, dietary habits, medications, supplements, and sleep patterns.

2. Conduct Functional & Lab Tests

We will then perform advanced testing in order to direct us on the best protocols for your health. We collaborate with you while using traditional biochemical testing such as on-site blood work, stool analysis, and hormone testing. This helps us uncover the root causes of your symptoms.

3. Use Data To Optimize Your Health

We interpret your health data and lab findings to create an integrative wellness plan that will optimize your health on a daily basis.

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Maggie Peklo, AGNP

Nurse Practitioner

After many years of experiencing healthcare as a patient, I found myself constantly asking questions - wanting to dig deeper and know the ‘why’ behind medicine. With 11 years of experience in healthcare, 4 years as a nurse practitioner, and 2 years of extensive training at the School of Applied Functional Medicine, I have seen both sides of the healthcare world. I’ve since then developed a very strong passion for functional medicine and helping people like you truly heal.

Maggie can help you with:
  • - Gut Health
  • - Hormone Health & Fertility
  • - Nutrient Deficiencies
  • - Food Sensitivities or Allergies
  • - Cleanses & Detoxes
  • - Skin Health
  • - Mood & Sleep
  • - Emotional Eating
  • - Weight Loss
  • - Improving overal wellness

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