Yogis, runners, triathletes, weight lifting enthusiasts, collegiate athletes, and fitness fanatics, this one is for you!


Competitive athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike know the importance of fueling our bodies to prepare and recover from intense physical activity and understand the amount of stress our bodies endure in the process.  Consuming the proper amount of Macronutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) is easily accomplished by fueling our bodies with food; However, it is the micronutrients and co-factors (vitamins, minerals, and amino acids) that play the key roles in allowing our bodies to convert macronutrients into the energy we need and the ability to recover and clear the waste products our bodies created after that big triathlon, marathon, crossfit competition etc.  Micronutrients as compared to Macronutrients can be harder to come by and for many people, alterations in their cellular processes can negatively affect their bioavailability. 

So you may ask why does this matter to me?  Intense physical activity will begin to quickly eat through your micronutrient supplies and deplete you of energy and start producing lactic acid which leads to fatigue, soreness and “the burn”

THE GOOD NEWS…. By delivering micronutrients intravenously, we can help you prep for your biggest competition, and help your body recover faster than ever before!  By delivering your body these key micronutrients and co-factors through one of our IV drips, we bypass your digestive system which greatly reduces the availability of these key nutrients, and we can provide nearly 100% bioavailability. it is for this reason our IV drips are an optimal option for those who workout regularly and are looking to bring their body to peak performance without using products and hormones that produce negative side effects over time.

Check out a couple of our packages below and determine which is right for your fitness goals. Not sure which one you like best, or are you thinking you need certain nutrients from more than one? Don’t worry, just book your appointment and our registered nurse will discuss your specific needs upon arrival.

High Tempo Drip:

Our High Tempo Drip is the ultimate pre-workout. It gives you a boost to complete your workout, perform in a fitness competition, or feel your best during a race. With this drip, you can look forward to an invigorating cocktail that will get you moving quick!

What’s In it?
B Complex






Increase in your natural energy levels, reduce muscle fatigue, improve circulation, increases growth hormone levels naturally, augmentation of red blood cell production and nitric oxide levels, reduces oxidative stress from intense activity.


Reload Drip:

Our Reload Drip will help you recover from your workouts like a champ. This drip replenishes your electrolytes, rehydrates your body, and rids you of lactic acid and inflammation. You will feel an increase in your energy, even after an exhausting workout, all while decreasing your recovery time. This drip is especially great for post-race or post-competition recovery.

What’s In it?

·      B Complex

·      B12

·      Tri-Amino (L-Arginine,L- Citrulline, L-Ornithine)

·      BCAA’s

·      Vitamin C

·      Glutathione


Repair muscle tissue quickly, fight inflammation, augment red blood cell production and nitric oxide levels, flush out free radicals and lactic acid, and a decrease in recovery time.