Biofuse Bringing NAD and Ketamine Therapy to Michigan

Ketamine IV Drip Biofuse

Biofuse, a Michigan based wellness and IV spa, has posted a new blog post extolling the virtues of IV therapy, their primary service. Biofuse has a lot of blog posts about various benefits of IV therapy, such as this one, which discusses the immune system boosting benefits that are spurred through IV drip:

IV therapy, or intravenous therapy, is a kind of medical treatment where fluids are introduced to the bloodstream through an intravenous needle that has been inserted into a vein. As one of the fastest methods of introducing a substance into the body, IV therapy is commonly used in hospitals to hydrate people who are dehydrated and to medicate patients who need consistent ongoing medication without the hassle of pills or injections.

According to Biofuse’s website, IV therapy can also be used to administer various vitamins, minerals and other compounds into the bloodstream. The cocktail administered for clients interested in boosting their immune system, called the “Immunity Drip”, includes Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Zinc, and the antioxidant Glutathione. All of these compounds are important to the function of the human body, and adding them to the bloodstream through IV drip helps their clients feel better and maybe even be less likely to get sick during the cold and flu season that is the winter.

The clinic offers a number of other IV drips that they claim will be helpful for the general population, including vitamin cocktails that could possibly be able to assist with part of the recovery from pain, hangovers, brain fog and jet lag. They also have some therapy options that are designed for specific groups of people.

One of these options is Ketamine, which is most often used as an anesthetic and painkiller. Get more information about IV ketamine therapy.
Biofuse offers IV ketamine therapy for a variety of specific patients, including people with PTSD, people with anxiety, people with depression that is resistant to standard treatments, and people with chronic pain conditions. For clients interested in intravenous ketamine therapy, Biofuse will work with patients to form an individualized treatment plan, which usually starts with six infusions in two weeks, followed by occasional follow up appointments depending on the needs of the individual patient.

Another specialized treatment offered by Biofuse is what the clinic refers to as NAD+ therapy. This is the focus of the recently published blog post from Biofuse. NAD+ stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, which, according to the blog post, is an important part of metabolic processes and cell functioning. The blog post suggests that infusions of NAD+ through intravenous treatments may be helpful to slow or even reverse some of the effects that aging has on the human body. They also suggest NAD+ therapy for people who want to improve their cognitive capabilites, as well as people who are struggling with fatigue and burnout and individuals who are recovering from drug and alcohol abuse, as the infusions may be able to help with reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms. More information about these possible use cases for NAD+ therapy can be found in the recently published blog post, here:

NAD+ therapy is available from Biofuse in 2 infusion doses, one focusing on anti-aging and the other on cognitive enhancement. Like other IV drips offered by Biofuse, an NAD+ infusion is monitored by trained staff and personalized to the individual. It typically takes one to two hours for an infusion to complete, depending on the specific factors of the person receiving the treatment. Biofuse believes that anyone can benefit from NAD+ therapy and their other IV therapies, and encourages anyone curious to contact them with question.

Biofuse is very proud to be offering their IV therapies in the state of Michigan, at their 3 locations in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Traverse City, and Boise, Idaho.