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750mg NAD+ & FastVitamin IV
Biofuse - Immunity IV drip
Hangover Drip
Biofuse - Hangover IV Drip
Methylene Blue
Biofuse - Methylene Blue IV Drip
Biofuse - Recovery+ IV Drip
NeuroCognitive Optimization
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Biofuse - Ultimate IV Drip
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Our approach to healthcare will fortify your body, your immune system, and
your athletic performance at a cellular level.

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Woman engaged in conversation while receiving an IV therapy session.

It's basic biochemistry; when the body has its building blocks, it works better. Vitamin IV Drips give your body its building blocks it needs, helping you lose weight. 

When your body works better, you can

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A bag of NAD+ IV solution hanging on a stand, clearly labeled, promoting the specialized treatment options available at Biofuse for enhanced cellular health.

IV Nutrient Therapy is used to help treat or improve conditions related to nutrient deficiency, autoimmune conditions, chronic illness and short-term illnesses such as the common cold and flu. Some patients have diffi

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A Biofuse professional administers IV therapy to a relaxed client in a modern, comfortable setting, highlighting personalized care.

Hey everyone!

We get a lot of questions about IV Therapy and how it works here at Biofuse, so we thought we would compile all of our frequently asked questions into one spot to make things easier on you. Have a

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Our Benefits

Elevate Your Lifestyle

Health isn't just a destination; it's a dynamic state of being. Our approach is rooted in precision and personalized strategies, fueled by cutting-edge data-driven methodologies. By understanding your unique biochemistry and lifestyle, we create a roadmap to unlock your true wellness potential."

A Plan To Improve

Our medical professionals have decades of experience that drive a unique approach to each individual's goals and lifestyle.

Fast Acting

Each of our services are designed to give you maximum results in the both the short and long term for a vibrant experience.

Restoring Balance

The human body is complex and varies from each person. We aim to restore balance and provide results that drive personal growth.

A vibrant IV bag labeled 'GOOD MOOD' from Biofuse, with a warm gradient color scheme, indicating the mood-enhancing IV therapy solutions offered.

Restore vitamin deficits, improve detoxification, and enjoy a wellness plan that brings a proactive approach to your health.

Emotional Wellness

When our body is balanced we create an opportunity for an enhanced version of ourself unhindered by nutritional deficiencies.

Elevating Quality of Life

With a balanced body and improved cognitive function you can now perform at your peak. Take life and live it to its fullest.

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Our Leadership Team

Jes Smith, Biofuse M.D. CO FOUNDER

Jes Smith, M.D.

Co Founder

Justin Bing RN, Biofuse CO FOUNDER & PRESIDENT

Justin Bing RN, BSN

Co Founder & President


Ryan Cummins

Director of Operations

Our process

Designed around you, our medical team works hand-in-hand to understand your needs, challenges, and goals and creates simple plan to help you reach peak performance!


Consultation and Preparation

Before your visit, clients undergo a comprehensive medical intake process. This involves the collection of essential medical information, which is subsequently reviewed by one of our licensed medical providers.

Treatment Environment

Our space and individual rooms are designed to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere. Recline and revitalize.


Our highly trained medical staff work to create a warm, comfortable, and pain free environment to receive any of our services.

After the Session:

Clients may feel a sense of relaxation, mental clarity, or emotional relief during and after your session.

Follow-up and Ongoing Care

Our therapies are often not a one-time treatment and clients may request multiple sessions to achieve their therapeutic goals; we're with you at every step.
Inside the modern and welcoming Biofuse clinic, a healthcare provider is attentively administering IV therapy to a relaxed patient seated in a comfortable chair.

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